Top 5 Dry Shampoos for Oily Hair: Say Goodbye to Greasy Hair in Minutes

best dry shampoo for oily hair
best dry shampoo for oily hair

Dealing with oily hair can be a struggle, especially if you’re someone who leads a busy life and doesn’t have time for frequent washes. Fortunately, dry shampoo can be a lifesaver in these situations, allowing you to quickly refresh your hair and eliminate any greasiness.

However, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best dry shampoo for oily hair, so you can keep your locks looking fresh and clean without any hassle.

What’s Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo is a hair care product that is used to refresh and clean hair without the need for water. It typically comes in a spray or powder form and works by absorbing excess oil and dirt from the scalp and hair, leaving it looking clean and refreshed.

Dry shampoo can be a great option for those who want to extend the time between washes or for those who don’t have access to a shower, such as when travelling or camping. Additionally, it can be a useful tool for those with oily hair, as it can help reduce the appearance of greasiness and add volume and texture to the hair.

How to use dry shampoo effectively?

To use dry shampoo effectively, shake the can well, hold it a few inches away from your scalp, and spray it onto the roots of your hair. Massage it into your scalp with your fingers, then brush it through your hair to distribute it evenly.

It’s important to use dry shampoo sparingly and only on dry hair to avoid buildup and clumping. You can also use it before bed to absorb oil while you sleep. Remember to wash your hair regularly and not rely on dry shampoo as a substitute for shampooing.

Best Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair?

There are many great dry shampoos on the market that are specifically designed for oily hair. Some of the best options include:

Batiste Dry Shampoo 

This popular dry shampoo brand offers a range of options for different hair types, but their original formula is a great choice for those with oily hair. It quickly absorbs oil and leaves hair feeling refreshed.

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle 

This dry shampoo is formulated with nettle extract, which helps to regulate oil production in the scalp. It effectively absorbs excess oil and leaves hair looking clean and voluminous.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo 

This lightweight dry shampoo absorbs oil without leaving any residue or buildup. It also contains a patented molecule that helps to eliminate odors, leaving hair smelling fresh and clean.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo 

Infused with argan oil, this dry shampoo helps to nourish and protect hair while absorbing oil and adding volume. It also has a pleasant scent that will leave your hair smelling great.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder Tres Invisible Dry Shampoo 

This invisible dry shampoo is perfect for those with oily hair as it effectively absorbs oil and adds volume without leaving any residue. It also contains UV filters to protect hair from sun damage.

Is dry shampoo good for oily hair?

Yes, dry shampoo can be very beneficial for those with oily hair. Oily hair is caused by excess sebum production on the scalp, which can make hair look greasy and weighed down. Dry shampoo works by absorbing the excess oil and sweat from the scalp, giving the hair a clean and refreshed appearance. 

By using dry shampoo between washes, you can extend the time between shampoos and reduce the amount of oil buildup on your scalp. However, it is important to note that dry shampoo should not be used as a substitute for regular shampooing, as it does not provide the same level of cleansing as a traditional shampoo. It is best to use dry shampoo as a supplement to your regular hair care routine.

Which shampoo is best for oily hair and oily scalp?

When it comes to choosing a shampoo for oily hair and oily scalp, it’s important to look for a formula that can effectively cleanse and purify the scalp without stripping away too much natural oil, which can lead to overproduction of sebum. Here are some of the best shampoos for oily hair and oily scalp:

Neutrogena T/Sal Shampoo: This shampoo is specially formulated to treat oily scalp and dandruff. It contains salicylic acid which helps to exfoliate the scalp and remove excess oil and dead skin cells.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo: This shampoo is designed for oily roots and dry ends. It contains 3 refined clays that help to absorb excess oil from the scalp while nourishing the ends of the hair.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo: This shampoo contains tea tree oil which has natural antiseptic properties that help to unclog pores on the scalp and control oil production. It also has a refreshing scent that leaves hair feeling clean and invigorated.

Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo: This gentle shampoo contains a blend of plant extracts that help to balance oil production on the scalp while also providing hydration to the hair. It is also sulfate-free, which makes it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Shampoo: This shampoo contains binchotan charcoal which helps to draw out impurities from the scalp and absorb excess oil. It also contains coconut oil and peppermint oil which provide hydration and a refreshing scent.

Does Batiste dry shampoo work on oily hair?

Yes, Batiste dry shampoo is specifically designed to work on oily hair. It is one of the most popular dry shampoo brands on the market and is known for its ability to quickly absorb excess oil and leave hair looking clean and refreshed. 

The formula is lightweight and does not leave any residue, making it a best dry shampoo for oily hair. Batiste dry shampoo is also available in a range of scents and formulas to suit different hair types and preferences. Overall, if you have oily hair, Batiste dry shampoo is definitely worth trying as it is a highly effective product for refreshing and reviving hair between washes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How often should I use dry shampoo?

Ans: It’s best to use dry shampoo no more than twice a week to avoid buildup and scalp irritation.

Q2: Can dry shampoo cause hair loss?

Ans: No, when used properly, dry shampoo does not cause hair loss.

Q3: How do I apply dry shampoo?

Ans: Shake the can well, hold it a few inches away from your scalp, and spray it onto the roots of your hair.

Q4: How do I choose the right dry shampoo for my hair type?

Ans: Look for dry shampoos that are specifically formulated for your hair type, whether it’s oily, dry, fine, or thick.

Q5: How long does dry shampoo last in the hair?

Ans: Dry shampoo can last anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on the brand and how oily your hair is.


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